Why Get a Breast Reconstruction Procedure?

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), one of the three most common cancers found in women is breast cancer. However, breast cancer is not exclusive to women alone; in 2011, the CDC reported that there were over 200,000 cases of breast cancer found in women and over 2000 in men. A mastectomy, the procedure that removes cancerous breast tissue, is usually what is done in order to treat this illness. If you have had to undergo or are going to have to go through this procedure, one of the options available to you afterward is to consider a breast reconstruction procedure.

Breast reconstruction is a surgical procedure that entails the rebuilding of the lost tissue via implants. According to surgeons of Bergman Folkers Cosmetic Surgery, patients can even have their breast reconstruction procedure done directly after the mastectomy and so when the patient comes to after the procedure, the new breast mound in place. The patient is even at liberty to choose the new size of the breast. There are new medical advancements and techniques available that make it possible for anyone looking into breast reconstruction surgery to receive implants that are as genuine as science can make possible.

Losing a breast can be quite difficult to get used to but this procedure aims to get the patient to as close to normal from before the sickness took root. Cancer is a complicated time for anyone involved and it is surgeries like this that aim to get you back up on your feet and moving to the best path to recovery as soon as possible. It is more than understandable to be worried by the prospect of losing parts of you in order to heal the whole but luckily, thanks to medical advancements, there are ways for you to continue to live on the rest of your life as normally as you possibly can.

There are many options available to you!

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