Mercury Poisoning

Mercury was once considered an inert substance, unable to harm those who came into contact with it. It was used in many household items, such as toys and thermometers. However, over time it was discovered that mercury is a harmful substance that can poison those who come into extended contact with it.

Symptoms of mercury poisoning range from mild to severe. Mild symptoms can be slightly unpleasant and noticeable but will be mostly tolerable and not life threatening. Severe symptoms can become extremely painful and in the worst cases, life threatening.

Mild symptoms of Mercury poisoning include an itching or burning sensation or pain, skin discoloration- often in the cheeks, fingertips and toes, and a swelling of certain areas. In some cases, a peeling of the skin can be experienced. These symptoms are generally temporary, and will not persist for very long after exposure to the substance has ceased.

Severe symptoms are split in two categories- mental and physical. The most severe physical risk of mercury exposure is the potential of kidney failure. Mercury is unique from other harmful substances in that its symptoms often result in neuropsychiatric symptoms that can include emotional distress, mood swings, and memory loss and in some cases insomnia. These symptoms do not include the physical effect of bodily injury, but can cause great mental distress and should be taken just as seriously as the other potential dangers of this substance.

While many times contact with mercury is simply and unfortunate accident, unfortunately there are times when a victim is exposed to mercury due to the carelessness or negligence of a property owner. According to the website of Louisville personal injury attorneys, mercury poisoning is one of the more common injuries sustained in cases of premises liability. If this is the case, the victim of such a situation may be owed certain damages.

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